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Bendigo Pre-School
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The following policy documents available for download:

Document Updated Size
Relaxation and Sleep Policy (v1)Dec 2021196.3KB
Food Safety Policy (v4)Dec 2021225.8KB
Excursions, Service Events and Regular Outings Policy (v4)Feb 2020313.9KB
Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness Policy (v3)Dec 2021257.1KB
Privacy and ConfidentialityNov 2021555.1KB
Dealing with Medical Conditions Policy (v5)Dec 2021165.4KB
Tobacco Alcohol and other Drugs PolicyNov 2021161.4KB
Curriculum Development Policy (v4)Nov 2021223.3KB
Epilepsy Policy (v4)Nov 2021302KB
Administration of First Aid Policy (v4)Nov 2021222.5KB
Code of Conduct Policy (v3)Nov 2021260.5KB
Asthma PolicyNov 2021672.4KB
Anaphylaxis PolicyNov 2021318.5KB
Delivery and Collection of Children Policy (v4)Dec 2021199.4KB
Participation of Volunteers and Students Policy (v4)Dec 2021226.4KB
Accepting Donated GoodsDec 202182.5KB
Hygiene-Policy-v3Feb 2020217.3KB
Inclusion and Equity Policy (v3)Dec 2021274.7KB
Determining Responsible Person Policy (v6)Nov 2021144.8KB
Sun-Protection-Policy-v3 Nov 2021232KB
Emergency and Evacuation Policy (v2)Nov 2021189.8KB
Child Safe Environment PolicyNov 2021366.8KB
Complaints and Grievances Policy (v3)Dec 2021195.4KB
Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations Policy (v5)Dec 2021157.6KB
Code Red Policy (v1)Dec 2021147KB
Administration of Medication Policy (v5)Nov 2021266.4KB
Staffing Policy (v5)Feb 2020311.1KB
Celebrations policy (v3)Dec 2021120.4KB
Occupational Health and Safety Policy (v4)Dec 2021173.7KB
Road Safety and safe transport policyNov 2021199.8KB
Information and Communication Technology (v3)Dec 2021220.2KB
Dealing with Infectious Diseases Policy (v6)Dec 2021341.7KB
Nutrition Oral Health and Active Play PolicyNov 2021257.7KB
Environmental Sustainability Policy (v3)Dec 2021233.6KB
Enrolment and Orientation Policy (v3)Feb 2020246.4KB
Water Safety Policy V3Nov 2021168.7KB
Interactions with Children Policy (v3)Feb 2020240.8KB
Governance and Management of the Service Policy (v3)Nov 2021200.6KB
Supervision of Children Policy (v4)Nov 2021190.5KB
Diabetes Policy (v4)Nov 2021231KB