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Bendigo Pre-School
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The following policy documents available for download:

Document Updated Size
Interactions with Children Policy (v3)Feb 2020240.8KB
Code of Conduct Policy (v3)Feb 2020235KB
Road Safety and Safe Transport Policy (v2)Feb 2020412.7KB
Asthma Policy (v3)Feb 2020627KB
Governance and Management of the Service Policy (v2) copyFeb 2020238.2KB
Curriculum Development Policy (v3)Feb 2020265.3KB
Relaxation and Sleep Policy (v1)Feb 2020265.8KB
Staffing Policy (v5)Feb 2020311.1KB
Nutrition Oral Health and Active Play Policy (v3)Feb 2020244.4KB
Emergency and Evacuation Policy (v3)Feb 2020186.7KB
Epilepsy Policy (v4)Oct 2020346.1KB
Anaphylaxis Policy (v3)Feb 2020741.4KB
Administration of Medication Policy (v4)Feb 2020261.5KB
Hygiene-Policy-v3Feb 2020217.3KB
Determining Responsible Person Policy (v5)Feb 2020150.7KB
Administration of First Aid Policy (v3)Feb 2020263.3KB
Excursions, Service Events and Regular Outings Policy (v4)Feb 2020313.9KB
Diabetes Policy (v4)Feb 2020261KB
Enrolment and Orientation Policy (v3)Feb 2020246.4KB