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Bendigo Pre-School
learning through play - learning for life

About Bendigo Preschool

Bendigo Pre-School is an independent education facility which aims to offer unique play-based learning opportunities and experiences for children. This page introduces parents and families to the framework which guides our education policies, teaching structures and play-based learning activities.

Foundations for life

For children, this is the time when the foundations are being laid for learning skills and abilities that will aid their progress through life. That's why we have a special focus on literacy and numeracy. We also have an excellent music, drama and dance program. Kindergarten is such a vital opportunity for all children - and it's fun!

We enjoy following the children's interests in our weekly program. This may include incursions with guest visitors, and going on excursions.

Play is important

Children learn through play. It's your child's form of work. Part of our teaching philosophy is to encourage your child to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to become lifelong learners. Through play children develop:

We offer programs for pre-kinder and kinder children which are play-based programs structured using the Early Years Learning Framework (see below).

Our program

At Bendigo Pre-School, we provide a carefully planned program that will meet, extend and enrich your child's developmental needs. Our program aims at fostering, nurturing and challenging areas such as:

The Early Years Learning Framework

In order to promote learning, key objectives have been identified to help structure early years education. These aim to encourage:

The Bendigo Pre-School is guided by the National Quality Standards (NQS) in best practice for: